Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
Orick, Humboldt
My landlord has harassed, watched another resident physically attacked us, opened our trailer and looked around. Tried to get three restraining orders on us, that were denied, he wanted us to stay in our space not talk to another person in the park, and to take our SHAME ON SIGN down. Trying to set... continue reading
Antioch, Contra Costa
When I first approached my landlord I explained to the couple that my credit was badly damaged and I was looking for someone that was willing to work with me and give a chance at rebuilding my credit. I also explained to them that I have a total of 4 children. But, only 2 would be with me at all... continue reading
Oakland, Alameda
Our landlord/property owner is trying to sell our house which includes a separate unit behind us. He went through multiple appraisals before putting it on the market, which we think is because the rear unit isn't up to code. He offered the house to us first but after we got our own appraiser,... continue reading
San Jose, Santa Clara
I left some clothes into the common dryer inside the building. The maintenance staff trashed them without even reporting them to the manager. I want to be reimbursed.
Walnut Creek, Contra Costa
Good day, September 1st 2013. I live in Walnut Creek California with my wife and two sons of 14,11 year olds. One of my sons is disabled. Our lease agreement is coming to an end on September 1st, 2013. I found the Notice To Vacate, on my front door knob, on August 23d, there were no... continue reading
northridge, Los Angeles
I moved in in 2010. I soon found out that a mentally disturbed woman was living next door to me. She is violent and has physically attacked other people and now she is trying to attack me I'm a section 8 tenant and section 8 said I can't move without a voucher and be approved but I'll be dead... continue reading
San Pablo, Contra Costa
I was evicted from my housing due to oxygen usage. Fair housing/employment denied my claim of discrimination. Section 8 has not helped me yet....
Jackson, Amador
The Manager here she has harassed me and treated me terrible since I moved here a year ago. As of Friday she manipulated the courts into evicting me and my 8 year old Chloe.
Helendale, San Bernardino
This man and his wife have to be the worst landlords I have ever met. They promise to do work and never show up. The house is in disrepair. The two guys who live next to the house sell drugs and are on them. This was supposed to be an upperscale neighborhood. Well no more. These people would... continue reading
Arcadia, Los Angeles
im a single parent my daughter and I live in a single family home going on 19 years the landlord is a slum lord she was violated in nov. of 2011 for out dated wires and ele.
Murrieta, Riverside
If anyone is having issues with a Rancho Horizon / Griffin Residental or there sister companies Please send me your stories and contact info. Our family has gone thru hell with these people. I'm building a web site to hear stories. ranchohorizonllc.com
Salinas, Monterey
I am being evicted of my cottage, my rent is being paid, I paid my rent mostly within the days I am allow to pay, but not late. I had an issue with my next door neighbor, she and some other woman arrased me, refused to move out of my parking spot, while I had my mother in my car I was called names... continue reading
San Clemente, Orange
Informed my landlord of a Mold/asbestos problem; amongst other health and safety hazards, he refused to do anything about it, after 2 weeks of living in the apartment ( I also have a 5 year daughter and pregnant) I eventually collapsed and was hospitalized. While I was hospitalized my slumlord had... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
The property management company wants payment through the mail but refuse to provide a receipt thru the mail. They want to charge me $50 late fee from 2 months ago (I only found out yesterday)because they claim it was one day late. When I called someone there about it, she said the matter was "... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
prior landlord and current takes from my deposit money they have to pay the Rent Board. I find it strange I have to pay the rent board. Out of $700. there is very little left. Also I do not think he is aware but taking to much for interest when asking for a raise
Hollywood, Los Angeles
In January of 2012 my partner and I entered into a residential lease agreement to rent a bungalow style cottage in a quickly gentrifying section of Hollywood, known by it's residents as "East Hollywood" in an attempt to associate the neighborhood with the quality and conditions found in it's... continue reading
Hemet, Riverside
Cleaned property and other services for landlord in exchange for rent, six months into it landlord decided to quit paying the electric, which also terminated the well water, refused to repair anything on the house which resulted in extensive mold, refused to reimburse us for any expenses. Evicted... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
The unit was infested with vermin to the point I had to move. Before moving the situation was so bad I could not sleep there. I obtained a safe place to live and moved out. Before moving out I had to sleep in my truck for several days. The vermin included, cockroaches, bedbugs and body bugs. No... continue reading
San Jose, Santa Clara
ok, my friend and I live in a room that was built onto the back of a house.. there are 3 of these rooms with a bathroom in each. The kitchen is not connected with the house. The first thing is one day my friend and I were in his room relaxing and the landlord's wife knocked on the door and my... continue reading
Tracy, San Joaquin
We have been living at this rental for over 2 years and never late on payment we were faced with a terrible matter in the first month which was bedbugs and had to go the er for information as we did not know what was happening but we still paid our rent and stuck it out then when we started... continue reading

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