Tenant Voices

Bellflower, Los Angeles
hi my name is Margarita, 
Brentwood, Contra Costa
I was evicted because I asked numerous times to have things fixed and they never did and for harassment to my kids and discrimination to my kids
San Francisco, San Francisco
My 96year old landlord died and her niece from So. California inherited the building and began the first of evictions within days of becoming the new owner. Two months later she approached another tenant with a buyout, which the tenant declined and this was followed 12 wks later by an Ellis Act... continue reading
Chula Vista, San Diego
Landlord constant harrassment and entry into the property to inspect our personal belongings, and when I wrote a formal letter to the landlord asking to stop the harassment the landlord retaliated by serving a termination of lease. Landlord entered the condo without any authorization to show to... continue reading
Oakland, Alameda
I am writing this due to promting after signing a petition regarding the Ellis Act. I was the victim of the Ellis Act twice while living in San Francisco.
Inglewood, Los Angeles
For the last 3 years, every 3-4 weeks I would come down with cold or flu systems. I was admitted to the West L. A. Veterans Hospital three times with lung infections and had to have emergency breathing treatments 5 times in the 3 years that I lived at this apartment. The V.A. could not find out... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
I am going to court on Dec.20 which means if i loose i will be put out in the street on Christmas day.I am disabled and have no family in CA to help me.Leagal aid wrote up my response for the unlawful detainer and had my court fees waived, but then they said we can't go to court with you they didn'... continue reading
Bakersfield, Kern
I moved into the property and gave them a list of things to be repaired from he walk though and was charged for some of the things that were already broken when I moved into he property and some of them are still broke and I was charged to have them repaired. I took pictures of some of the items I... continue reading
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
My building is filled with mold and dust in all the vents. Pipes leak constantly, and recently the landlord turned down the water pressure in all units because his water bills were getting too expensive. Turns out the leaks were making his bills high, not tenant overuse of water. Something breaks... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
My landlord recently filed the Ellis Act for our building in Hayes Valley, San Francisco, specifically to remove my long time neighbor and myself from the only two residential units that are over three retail tenants. We have lived side by side for 25 years. My husband and I are both jazz musicians... continue reading
El Cajon, San Diego
the house i was renting with a year lease went up for sell by owner new owner and her agent lied and left us screwed cash for key deal new owner went to jail the day she was to pay in jail for credit card fraud agent stop talking to us never heard from owner again only people whom she sent to make... continue reading
chowchilla,, Madera
I have been living here for ten years. Eight years ago I was not able to pay rent for two months because my exhusband did not pay child support. I am disabled because of various circumstances the most notable being a survivor of a closed head injury. This is how I pay my rent. I had been trying to... continue reading
San Francisco, San Francisco
In 2007, our landlord attempted to evict us by raising our rent 500%, thinking that we would just leave. The SF Tenants Union gave us the tools we needed to go forth and fight this illegal increase. The Rent Board sided with us. But, after continued legal harassment (3 separate legal actions) by... continue reading
Santa Monica, Los Angeles
Santa Monica City Attorney's advise, City Council and the Rent Control Board vote "illegally" to convert 38 rent controlled Apartments in a residential zone into a full-scale hotel with valet parking and restaurant.
Santa Rosa, Sonoma
I'm a San Francisco native, I grew up in the Richmond District and had always assumed that I would live my whole life in San Francisco, but I was a single mom, working full time for low wages as only single moms know, and I found myself having to get out of a bad relationship and the other one... continue reading
Lakewood, Los Angeles
we have been living in a rodent and bad plumbing, electrical wiring that flashes on and off....kids geting a shock evertime they put something in socket....for 8 well my boyfriend was living there with my kids for 8 and then i moved in 2010. but the owner owns 16 units that are diviede by a wall... continue reading
Fresno, Fresno
I am a 2 1/2 year resident and have continued repair neglect. The home owner has had various managers, all have ignored repair issues. I have finally gotten angry enough to push for immediate repairs and have been met with frustration and resistance by the current property manager. There are safety... continue reading
Gilroy, Santa Clara
I lived with my 13 & 14 year old children, and due to recent budget cuts to HUD I was forced to down-size from a 3 bdrm to a 2 bdrm, unless I could pay the rent increase which was to go from $144. to $741. per month. Being on a fixed monthly income of 1000., I knew I would not be able to pay... continue reading
Kingsburg, Fresno
Summary of facts: Many of the people in the smaller farming communities are renters. Most of them do not speak, read or write English. Yet their rental agreements are written in a language which they cannot read, and in terms they do not comprehend.
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
I have been living at my present apt. going on 3 years now. The first year was very pleasant, but since they have gotten new case managers my living situation has become a total Hell. It started when I started asking for repairs to be made in my apt. There is holes and loose fixtures in the floor... continue reading
Alameda, Alameda
I have been renting a room in a 6 bedroom unit in El Cerrito. It has been a month to month basis, and I have made my rent every month. I have been mostly quiet and to my self. I lately have been staying with my Girlfriend who lives in Oakland 4 nights a week, meaning I am at my room 3 nights a... continue reading

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