Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

moved from Costa Mesa, Calif., had paid 900.00 for two bedroom town house, was immaculate when I moved in 10 yrs ago. Life changes in respect to outcomes not planned by me, I found opportunity or so I thought, to move to Baning ca., where my mother of 72 yrs. lived and could need some help, I moved. I found a 2 bed 2 bath for 900.00, and accepted pets which i wanted. Was shown an apt. that would be comparable to the one they were ready for rental. I moved in upon stressful conditions; unemployment , living with relatives, etc. As I was moving in it was apparent that my rental was a complete disaster. Walls not painted, sinks uncleaned. Patches of putty not sanded nor painted, the list went on and on. I complained that the apartment next to mine that was being renovated was not in such detrimental condition and that it seemed very unfair. I can't use my dishwasher as it causes the water to come through the wood flooring. I signed a 6 mo lease and left a 750.00 deposit I am sure she would like to take. I would like some help in acquiring legal advice for people in my situation.

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