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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

OK. How crazy can things get?

4 months after moving into a new home with a 2 year lease, my landlord informs me she is selling the place and starts having strangers coming in and out of my home.

NOW GET THIS! I came down with the flu at the beginning of this week. I am asthmatic and it got pretty severe. The realtor had plans to show my home on Wednesday. I called him and told him I was extrem...ely ill with the flu and asthmatic complications. He asked what I wanted him to do about it and said the people had wanted to see the place last weekend. By law, renters' privacy is protected on weekends so that was irrelevant. I told him I was not able to have strangers in my home and that I was problaby highly contagious. Still, at the agreed upon date and time, while still in my pajamas, dealing with a terrible aching head, sweating with a fever and having a lot of trouble breathing, I had to let the realtor's agent and prospective buyer roam around my home while I left my bedroom and layed on the livingroom couch. It was aweful!

One would think when they pay rent for the exclusive and private enjoyment of their home, this type of thing woulld have been prevented. It was my landlord, S B, who wanted a 2 year lease and soon afterwards informed me that she was selling the place. Then I started getting foreclosure notices on my front door. She had not been payiing the mortgage, even though she was collecting rent and never mentioned this to me.

If you are looking for a place to rent, make sure to check out your potential landlord and the status of the property you are interested in. Learn your Renters' Rights, both federal and state. Hopfully, you will not be stuck helpless with strangers roaming around in your home when you are down and out. It can give one a strong feeling of being violated when they are already miserable

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