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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I have previously posted information about unethical and illegal actions from 2 different persons who have acted as my landlords at different times. The 2nd landlord bought the property at 8915 Caminito Vera in San Diego Ca at a foreclosure auction and then sued my roommate and me in an attempt to evict us. He lost his case, even though we mainly used information we obtained from Tenants Together and we represented ourselves in CA Superior Court in downtown San Diego.

After thinking about what our landlord, Joseph Pham, did to us, I began to think about a way to keep him from doing the same thing to others. He is a Realtor and owns his own real estate company. When trying to think of a way that might put his actions into check, I thought about him being a Realtor and the San Association of Realtors might be a way for him to be held responsible for his breech of their code of ethics. I called the number to this organization and told them what he had done to us and if it could qualify as a breech of their code of ethics. She told me that she was sending me various links with forms and information how to submit a grievance against him. She said he was a member.

Tonight, I finished the paperwork, including supporting information to validate my claims, the specific codes he breeched and how he breeched the codes with his actions. I plan to mail it tomorrow. I will be updating my post once I learn more about my submission.

I am also very interested it starting a Tenants Together group started in San Diego. I live in the Mira Mesa area.

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