Tim & Trisha

Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Foreclosure Hell:
The Property - 10.6 acres in the country with 4 families’s living here.
The Foreclosure - Started in March of 2008 with the landlord assuring everyone that he was taking care of it.
The Sale - finally the Bank sold it at Foreclosure Action on Feb 27, 2009. No buyers so property became Bank Owned at that time.

What Has Happened Since The Sale - At this time only one of the four families has been served an eviction notice and that was only a 30 day notice.

All four families have been offer cash for keys. This was given on March 13th, back dated to March 9th with only 12 hours to say yes or no. The document they wanted us to sign by March 14th 2pm was everything in their favor and nothing really in ours with a move out date of April 9th. Two families were out of town for that weekend and were unable to respond. We told them to go jump in a lake. The other family told them basically the same.

We still have not received a 60-day notice to vacate. The bank has been very quiet on the whole matter? We live day to day just waiting.

The Family - Mother is 84 yrs old with recent hip surgery. Wife works over 40 hours a week 30 miles away. Husband (that's me) is disabled with major back issues and spends most of the time in a wheelchair. We own 4 ponies and 2 cats and love the fact that we been able to have them here with us on property. We've lived here since September of 2004, coming up on 5 years.

Options - very few. Wife and I have a credit score of about 515 which I've been told by several property management companies will almost make it impossible for us to find another place to rent. With the horses and cats to boot life looks pretty dark right now.

Keep us in your Thoughts and Prayers.

Thank you Tenants Together for your Hotline and Help.
Tim & Trisha & Dorothy Cummings

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