San Francisco
Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

Skyline Realty/CitiApartments is one of the largest residential landlords in San Francisco. They have a long record of intimidation of tenants, failure to fix building code violations, and many other illegal activities. (See for an overview, including links to media coverage.)
Approximately four years ago, Skyline Realty/CitiApartments moved their office to their vacant space at 2099 Market Street in San Francisco. Before moving in, they made several modifications to the building, including removing an ADA-compliant ramp that had been installed in the mid-1990s when California Federal Savings opened a branch at that location. The external door to the ramp has been replaced by an automated teller machine. There are now two Swipe ATM’s at that site - one where California Savings had their ATM installed and one adjacent to it installed in the doorway to the ramp. The external button for the automatic door remains as a reminder of the previous accessibility of that office. That modification was done without a building permit. A complaint was filed with the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection in April of this year (complaint 200854990). An order to abate was issued on May 14, giving the owner 90 days to correct the violation, but that order has been ignored. The Department of Building Inspection has scheduled a Director’s Hearing on the matter for September 18.

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