My experience is not related to me as a tenant but as a staff member. A few of us know of these mismanagement practices by staff either due to incompetence and lack of professionalism or ethics. Many former staff members have sued the management for unfair treatments and had settled with most of them. the interim manager had made sexist and sexual comments during meetings and when I stood up against it, he stated, "You better watch out because I will be your supervisor." His wife had asked tenants and staff to do things outside of their roles, such as impersonating her family members on the phone to speak with immigration or other institutions. When I raised my concerns, in her usual manner, she just shouted me down and referred to my concerns as, "Dog shit and trash." I appealed to her supervisors but they stated all my concerns did not occur. I had witnesses when these incidents occurred. If I were to mind my own business for my pay checks, I would not have spoken up but for future residents and staff members who will have to live with their malpractices and corrupted policy procedures, I felt I had to speak up. I don't know what my future holds but I am ready to help those without a voice get the support they need. Many residents don't even speak English so they have been coming to staff with their stories. Most don't even use the computer.

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