Russell and Susan

San Diego
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 

Susan has been living in this home for 20+ years and I (Russell) have been living here for 14+ years. The home we live in is a 3 bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath home with a double car garage. The home was rented thru a property management firm. The house was originally rented to us below the market value for $1200 a month with the promise that we would work on the property to improve it. We did all the necessary upkeep and made all the repairs. All the money spent came out of our own pockets. This arrangement worked out great for everyone concerned. The property manager never had to worry about any repairs to this house and Sue and I always enjoyed working together on all the repairs and upgrades. It was a fair trade off. When I moved in here with Sue there was only a dirt front and back yard and the house was in desperate need of repairs. I can remember renting one of the large dumpsters that was deliverred and we had the delivery driver unload it right on the front yard. We had to have it emptied 3 times as there was that much trash and debri that needed to be removed. This dumpster was approximately 12 feet long and 5 feet wide. It probably took us 3 to 4 years before we really felt at home. We painted the home inside and out, we landscaped the front and back yard, we remodelled the kitchen and bathroom, put in new tile floors, new cabinets, new sinks, new light fixtures and this is just naming a few of of the improvements we made. When the original garage door finally broke down beyond repair we bought and installed a new garage door and opener. To make a long story short this past year there have been two rent increases and now the property manager dropped of a 60 day notice to vacate reason being that the owners are going to sell this property. After all these years in this house trying to find a place to move in such a short time is really taking its toll on both of us. I'm almost 61 years of age now and Susan is 59. We are doing the best we can. I just can't quite understand why the urgent need to get us out. I've always known that sooner or later we would have to move on. I just never thought that one day we would find ourselves trying to do all this in 6o days with the threat that if we are not out in that time period we will be charged an additional $100 a day for each and everyday past the 60 days given. What do we do with all our belongings, where are we going to find another home we can afford. we look and we look and when we finally find a place that we can afford we apply for it only to be told another couple has been choosen. Our time is running out and we have yet to find a place to move. What have we done to deserve this. Why is it that we cant be treated with a little dignity. I had always thought that when the time came that we had to move that the situation would be handled differently. maybe a little forwarning that the owners were thinking about selling and that we should prepare. Sue and I have never really met the actual owners. They came by once several years ago. they were standing outside the house just looking at it and when I approached them wondering what all the interest was for they told me they were the owners. They were so nice. Somehow I don't think that this is all their idea. After all this time I truly cant believe that they would do this to us. I have no way to contact them to find out. I tried to speak with the property manager to request a little more time but that only fell on closed ears. He told me to remember the $100 a day if I can't meet the deadline. Tomorrow is another day and maybe by the grace of god Sue and I will find a place and be able to have a little peace once again. The physical and mental toll this has taken on both of us is undescribeable. All the tears that have been shed and for what. Maybe I could understand if we didn't pay our rent but we have. If anyone knows of anyplace we might be able to rent that is in a safe neighborhood please let us know. I just cant help but think that somehow in some bad way the property manager is behind all of this. Its the only scenario that makes any sense but I still have to try the best I can. This will have a good ending. It has too. Sue and I can and Sue and I will!!! As my grandfather used to say " Can't never did nothing." God rest his soul. Thank you all for listening. Sometimes it helps me to talk a little.

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