Fair Oaks
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Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I am a 55 yr. old permanantely disabled woman who lived in a Section 8 home for 20+ years.  Unfortunately, I was terminated by section 8 unfairly, as there decision did not take my disability, domestic violence, nor my witnesses and proof seriously.  The case was based on my abusers letter to SHRA and would have never happened without it.  I am virtually homeless, (living in a negative enviornment), and the enviroment I am forced to live in has put any healing to a STOP! I can't seem to find legal representation and am increasingly becoming more ill.  I want to go forward w/legal recourse but I urgently need a advocate to assist me. I want SHRA to reverse their decision and give me my voucher back!  I was advised to reapply based on a Special Accomodation Request but don't really know how to proceed and who to give the request to as I want to make sure that it is taken seriously and goes to the right hands.  Is there JUSTICE for me?

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