San Anselmo
Residence Type: 
10-19 units
Landlord Type: 
Government/Public Housing

They say they have to be in my appartment anytime they want as many times as they want and for reasons that have them in my appartment almost every week for one thing or another even if there is nothing wrong or reporte to them as wrong.Today their excuse ws prvenative matainance,like they do what they aught to do anyway like mantain the outside property. They will also come to check the fire alarms, check the carbin manoxcide alarm.It jus seems all inspections aught to happen at once so they are not in my place every week if Im he or not.Housing has also contracted a private ferm to manage some of there units.So now it seem even more people have to come i and check everything.I have assured them if anything is not working I would call but they say that dont matter.Seem many people are not liking ther privacy invaded like with phone calls and informations sharing and it seems to me that coming in your unit this many times is also and a worse invation of privacy. I dont believe that any person that rents and isnt in public housing would not stand for this many intrusions.

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