Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control
Writing Wrongs

There are five renters and the landlord living in a house in Dixon, Ca..

Four of us are living upstairs in a converted attic of three rooms and an additional bathroom. We have our own separate A/C and heat from the bottom floor where the landlord lives with another tenant, and one more empty room the landlord uses as an office.

The Landlord hounded us relentlessly about using utilities, daily even silly things like unplugging all appliances when not in use because their digital time lights cost money. I was a civil engineering student in college, and one of my roommates was an A&P mechanic, both requiring upper level Math. The landlord has the equivalent of an eighth grade education.

We tried to explain that she was at best saving a penny a day, and we were sweating upstairs in summer, freezing in winter. She didn't get it.

I went to PG&E to see about sub metering, they had her listed under the care program for utilities. She was ripping off PG&E.

I went to the city planning check on permits. The house wasn't ever permitted for the second story build. She was ripping off the city.

The County Tax assessor also had the place listed as a 3bd/1ba house, instead of the 6/2 that it actually is. She was ripping off the Tax assessors office.

Which means, she also has most likely ripped off the IRS for not claiming income from the rentals, as PG&E required a tax return showing low income. She was ripping off the IRS.

City, County, State and the Feds are being ripped off, then I found she was overcharging us substantially for the utilities. She was ripping off her tenants.

So what happens?

She gets a notice based on my query at the planning commission to inspect. She dodges them, and gives us thirty day notices.

The Congress woman for this district, the County Supervisor, The City planning, The City Housing...ALL have done nothing to help us keep from becoming homeless.

We are Seniors, I am also disabled and a veteran.

Interesting government we have. I ask what is the difference between Republican and Democrat? I see none...both useless.

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