Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control
Resident Engagement Group

Subject: My retaliatory/wrongful eviction and now fraudulent lawsuit HelloMy name is Rhenae and I refuse to give up. my daughter and I were wrongfully evicted from our home in Vacaville Ca. I was a housing Advocate trained in Washington DC by HUD therefore I know the manipulation of bad landlords and how HUD and Fair Housing often dismiss tenants cases without proper review. That is exactly what happened to my daughter and me. I am a 57 year old disabled veteran. I have a skin disorder and I need air conditioning to keep my disorder under control. The air conditioning had broken down in the home I rented long before I moved there according to the neighbor that lived behind me who knew the property and a previous veteran who also lived in the property. Bottom line for this is that the landlord took me to court and said I broke the air conditioning. Second, they said that my home was unsanitary. We call this in Washington DC the unsanitary defense. This happens when a tenant has defended the their rights and a landlord retaliates by evicting a tenant  by claiming the home of the tenant was unsanitary. My health suffered tremendously as I had to live in my car while our newly built home across country was being constructed. To this date I have not testified in court. In the unlawful detainer case the judge Pro Temp was misquoting laws and suppressed my testimony along with not accepting my documentation as evidence. She was as reportef to the Bar Assoc for judicial misconduct and bias. In my lawsuit against the landlord the new judge said that the case was too difficult to be heard in court. The judge rendered a decision against my daughter and me for $10,000. The landlord lied saying that I destroyed their property. I feel tremendously sorry for my daughter as she was my caretaker and now beginning life on her own with a bad credit record. She has an eviction on her record and now a lawsuit.

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