San Luis Obispo
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My housemate and I moved in to our new rental house on 6/28, and turned the water utility on 6/27 (Friday - business day). We received our first water bill for 6/27 - 7/22 on 8/15 and it was $204 not including the $60 initial setup fee. That was 15 units of water used for the month, which is 330 gallons per day listed on the bill. We don't water the yard, as it's all succulents, and do a load of laundry each a week, take normal length showers (5-10 min) each morning. I called the SLO city water & sewer number on the bill, they sent someone out to check the meter yesterday and said that since 7/22 32 more units of water was used. I called the landlord's office and informed them of the situation. They asked me to walk around all the walls where water is present (bathroom/kitchen/laundry room - and the opposite sides of those walls). There was no standing water anywhere, never has been. Everything under the sinks is dry, but there is a small 1 cm diameter hole in the wall by the shower and about 2 in diameter minor wetness to the wall. We reported it as soon as we became aware of the issue, and I know that the landlord is responsible for the repairs. But our lease agreement says we are responsible for all utilities. Are we responsible for the water bills that included the leak?

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