Residence Type: 
2 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I have lived with my family in a 2-apt duplex for seven years and have never once been late on my rent. Every repair that needed done, I had to get County Code Enforcement involved. I came home one day a few weeks ago to have my daughter advise me a Man from a company came out to verify residency. My teenaged daughter did not initially answer the door because she did not know who the Man was. The Man then proceeded to acknowledge her open bedroom window and removed her screen to look through her mini-blinds to see if anyone was living here. Scared my daughter to9 death and she screamed. The Man was surprised and apologized and explained what he was doing there. Seems the property sold at Auction down in Los Angeles on 07-22-09 but reverted back to the noteholder, a Carrington Mortgage. I call the Landlord and he tells me he knew nothing about it, that it has to be an illegal foreclosure. I then get a letter from the Landlord's attorney asking me to continue to pay my Landlord the rent even after they lost the home. California does not have a redemption period where the borrower can get the property back after it is lost to foreclosure. Next thing I know, a lady is contacting me from the mortgage company often. She's also having a lady from a realty company calling me non-stop. They want me to rent from them until the property is sold but I am weary from all this and not trusting. I advise I would rather move but need a few months to save up funds to do so. Near the end of August I receive a letter from the mortgage holders attorney advising me that Title had transferred back to them and from the date of the letter, I have 90 days to leave. Am I being"evicted" through the courts? Will this affect my good credit? I did NOTHING wrong here! I paid my rent (and all my bills on time) to ensure a roof over my family's head. I have worked hard to build up good credit. I don't want an "eviction" on my record and want to leave on my own but I need time to do so. They offered me a "Cash for Keys" for $950 but I have two weeks to get out and must sign a paper that will bind me to this. I am actively working full-time at my job and seeking a new place to live but I am having to check each place out to make sure they do not have a Notice of Default or a Foreclosure in process. Help!!

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