canyon coutry
Residence Type: 
Mobile home
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

Thank you for listening.
Sand Canyon M.H.P. Owner Proposed a rent for year 2013,however none of the criteria for presented to the rent control panel did not meet the proper requirement for approval, which included park condition and rent charge by other parks comparison and the same panel simply without a hint of irony, approved the proposed rent increase without first attempt considering any resident concerns and without first making sure that every criteria for the rent increase was meet by the preponderance of the evidence as mandates by the Municipal Code of City Of Santa Clarita, 67% of the residents sign a petition for a new and fair hearing, but the city rejected the petition, with the excuse of wanting to avoid PARK OWNER LAW SUIT against the city.
If anyone might have any suggestions or any legal representation, we'll be very happy to respond and will be extremely appreciative of your suggestions. Please contact me direct to 661-998-5076 Thanks
here are some of the pictures of our park at the time of the rent increase

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