Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

Hi I a re tented a single family home up stairs 2 bed 1 bath with owner living downstairs. The rent is 1750$ + utilities 100$ With 1 year lease agreement. After moving with in a week I got message from owner to not use AC as they will get high power bill. And 2 months later I got mail that they are gonna increase rent immediately to 2150 saying the utilities bill increased. As per agreement it's only 100$ but asking for 400$ in utilities, breaking the lease agreement.
Apart from that the power outage in the kitchen which I th no matter s unauthorized kitchen so no proper wiring set. We requested to fix multiply times better but they are asking us to pay for handyman. But it's not in the lease that the building issues tenant should pay.
It's 145 years old building all the windows has air gaps and it's colderthan outside. Owners ask not to switch on heaters as they are getting more bill. I requested to have seperate meters so that can pay my bills. He is not hi inning any answer on that just says rent increased to 2150$ subject to penalty if any delay. I am told him I can't so will only pay 1850 $ as per 1 year agreement until August 31st. Or else will move out. He says has to pay penalty for breaking the lease. But I am breaking the lease he is beaking the lease by increasing the rent, not providing living condition (power outage), air gaps and now t giving covered parking as agreed(agreed to provide covered parking after 2 months).

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