Palm Beach Gardens
Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My mothers apartment had mold and excessive moisture. She moved out for over a month and stayed with a friend instead of incurring hotel costs for the landlord. The landlord(a large real estate development co)in addition to demolishing part of the apartment they promised to remove her furniture and clothing are have them cleaned and treated for mold. They ruined her furniture, her cashmere sweaters were made unwearable and promised to compensate. My mother is nearly 90 and did not get their promises in writing, and they, of course have not compensated her for the ruin of her furniture and clothing, nor for the rent while she lived with her friend, nor for the ohuge utilities bills the workmen in the apartment incurred. By staying with her friend, she saved the company at least $3,000 for hotel accommodation. Plus they have raised her rent to an unafordable level.
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