Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I have lived in an 1895 house for 12 years. My landlords have done little work on the house and there is no handyman. My ex husband and I have made this house beautiful. I am disabled and recently while getting much better, I got very, very sick. My genetic nutritionist said it had to be something outside my body as we had done such a good job on the inside. She said it could be mold and I took an online test that said I had mold (not sure this was a very good thing) and I am now waiting for lab work for mold. I had the city inspector come over and inspect and he cited them for many things including mold. They did the mold test; they report that the report said no mold and the told the tester to deny me the report. I did get him to admit that there were particles and vermin. The heater had not been serviced in 12 years even though I asked for it. Anyway, they hired a very bogus company to put in a "special filter". But then things became clear, as I continued to throw up and fall down, my nutritionist said call the gas company. They came immediately and checked the whole house. He shut down my stove as it was very high. He called in a long term slow leak. I went to the ER where I got less than good care. I am now having brain and memory problems and I cannot find a doctor to see me that can get me oxygen even though Medicare says I am eligible. Don't know what help this will do others. Maybe my best advice would be if you feel sick, get out of the house. I stayed in motels several nights and felt much better. Now that the monoxide is off I am somewhat better but still need oxygen....

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