Moody L.

Loma Linda
Residence Type: 
20 or more units
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Firstly, we are a victim of US Immigration mismanagement resulting in my wife's application to adjust status was jeopardized and she can't be resourceful.
The discrimination and retaliation by a welknown health care institution provider in the Inland Empire is a real trip.
Being a Asian-American disabled senior can be vulnerable sometime. Starting with our deceased parents who were both patients receiving all kind of care and surgeries to include myself who's also a recuperating 5 grafts bypass cardiac surgery patient at Loma Linda University Medical Center, we have lived in this apartment complex for almost 30 years.
Suddenly ownership of the complex changed hand. Starting February 2008 after the death of previous owner this apartment complex ownership changed to Loma Linda University Foundation who turned the complex into "STUDENTS ONLY" housing.
LLU Foundation has been buying properties in the vicinity for future expansion.
They could make an exemption for two white female retirees who live in the nextdoor complex but, they will not tolerate a disabled Asian-American senior with fixed income.
Upon receiving a 60 day tenancy termination notice from new landlord in the first week of July 2008, immediately I called the LLU Property Rental Office to inquire if I could rent a unit at the next door complex where two white female retirees live.
A lady staff answered a brief stern "NO" without explanation but, they accepted my September 2008 rental payment.
My next step was to seek the assistance of a mediation and fair housing agency in the Inland Empire area in which the move annoyed the LLU.
The mediation agency staff suggested to establish communication with the rental manager and presented the situation to them in which we did without failure.
Two early written down communication requesting reconsideration were ignored.
Realizing they are a religious non-profit corporation, soft intimidation by the rental office manager was applied to scare us.
The next thing was through their attorney, they filed a Unlawful Detainer complaint in the San Bernardino County Superior Court.
A trial in mid November 2008 in which the judgement I assumed was in LLU favor and later outside the court the attorney and a foundation official warned me to move out by the end of December 2009 or face eviction by the sheriff.
We are facing displacement, while 2/3 of the units are empty in our complex. Where's the humanitarian concern of this welknown health institution in the world? Do we still have our rights to object this discriminative order?

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