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Today at 11:12 AM

ToGene Scott

Dear Gene,

I don't understand why you feel such a steadfast need to hold my application in your home for 3 years? You didn't process the application, you didn't run a credit report, verify references, verify income or employment, so why such dire necessity for even considering wanting to keep it? Maybe if you explain your justification for your need to keep my information in your home for 3 years, it may help me understand and not have such horrible anxiety over the fear of having to clean up another bout of identity theft occurring.
I know that after a prospective landlord processes an application on a prospective tenant, the tenant cannot get the application back and that it is kept locked up in a file for 2 years, but I have never heard of a property owner refusing to return an application and check that they never processed. So please help me to understand your rationalization.
Maybe if you explain why you need to keep it and what it is you need all of this information for I may feel better? I am unfamiliar with such a "matter of course" which you refer to. It is extremely uncomfortable knowing someone is keeping this sort of information, especially after providing me with your Real Estate license number that is non existent. There is SO MUCH identity theft going on these days, that it just seems strange that someone such as yourself, would want to do something like this.
I don't understand why you did not offer to return my check to me, which I was entitled to get back, but instead chose to get rid of it without even asking me first if I wanted the check back, and after I contacted you about it. That seems to be bordering more on trying to control rather than just doing the ethical thing. It would have been appropriate to offer returning it to me, instead of claiming you shredded it without my knowledge or my seeing you do this.
Is this is your usual way of conducting business when you rent properties? I would appreciate a telephone call.


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