Long Beach
Residence Type: 
5-9 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

After attempted to evict us the first time, the judge ruled in our favor for them having breached contract.due to uninhabitability, severe t roach infestation and judge lowered our rent.onwner retaliated and on filed a second eviction,no merit,no privity,frivolous.we gave $6500 in court. On 3/17/2015.They files a three day notice unbeknownst to us for $800.we were never served.default judgment by horrible commissioner in long beach. Wr are locked out but they have all of our property,two cats,and turtle locked in there,windows boarded up,cat fecal matter EVERYWHERE.we have no where to go,im not working yet.they have done fraud.CITY officials corrupt,lied and told me they would stop eviction and did not.14 code enforcement violations,y they are stealing our property.new tenants want to do class action lawsuit with us.we cant find attorney.help.emergency.before they take our property.we are entitled to go back in the apartment if y he right person understand our complex truthful case.many more details.they said y hey take care of our cats but there was do much "pooh pooh" EVERYWHERE they never changed litter box and put our granddaughter's doll in the nasty mess and alos our renters rights literature in the mess.code enforcement not doing anything

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