San Diego
Residence Type: 
10-19 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I have rented from the same company since 2001. I first lived on Utah St. & then they sold the building to someone that wanted to make condos out of the units. So, the housing commission gave me money to relocate. I ended up renting from the same company because I couldn't find anyone willing to allow my indoor cats. I moved into a lower unit when I had specifically asked for a upstairs unit. They know that I am on disability for anxiety. I also have a sleep disorder. Every place I have lived under this management, there has been noise disturbances from nearby tenants. In 2009, our son came to live with us, so we changed units. We moved into a 2 bedroom & began paying 1,050 per month to live here. This unit was below the onsite manager's unit & above his garage. Our son moved out in 2010 & we have been unable to find a new place to live. My boyfriend had to move out as well for personal reasons. He continues to pay his half of the rent. They raised our rent this year to 1,100. In 2011, I had to deal with several loud & rude neighbors living adjacent to my bedroom. The onsite manager is the loudest one. I have called the police & they almost never show up. They say that they cannot get in. The manager has not repaired the gate intercom for over a year. It still buzzes the unit I used to live in. Now, that just happens to be the unit with the offending tenants. I call the police on them the most. They play loud music until 5am during the week. The manager has done nothing about it. One night, the manager was up there moving furniture until 2am. He had a loud party in his garage during the day & well into the next evening. I put up with it a few times then I finally called the landlord & complained. I have all my emails to & from this person. Apparently he is good friends with the manager who flew down to my unit & threatened me with eviction. Last year, I complained via email about other tenants & was also threatened with eviction. They have never followed through on this threat. The landlord basically told me to call the police when I am disturbed. A lot of good that has been doing. They can't even get into the building. The noise continues. I never sleep. And they have alot of nerve raising the rent when they never repair anything. I have called legal aid & there isn't much they can do without an actual written 60 day notice. I have done a lot of research & apparently they can kick you out anytime & they don't need a reason. I am just trying not to draw anymore negative attention to myself while I look for a new place to live. I am not on a lease. They could raise the rent again at anytime. I am also running into issues finding a new place. Potential landlords want to do a credit check & they want to charge me for this. I am on disability. I don't have $25 to give to every place I apply for. I just want a nice little unattached cottage with rent I can afford. Most of my income goes to rent. I barely have enough to eat after I pay these people. I feel like I am paying them to slowly kill me or drive me insane. It has proven inhabitable. I am being denied my right to "quiet enjoyment of my dwelling". They know my situation & that I am having difficulty finding a place. They have refused to rent to us in the future. So if an opening comes up that is more peaceful, they won't tell us about it. It doesn't matter to them that I cannot afford this place. I have no need for a 2 bedroom. I just wish I could find a nice older couple with a back house that I could rent. I just want out of this place! I feel stuck! Like I may never get out...Not unless I win the lottery. That is my story. I hope that new tenant rights laws help people in my situation. If not, then I expect to be one of the many homeless Americans.

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