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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

the rental I was in with rental agreement with old landlord dated 1/12/12, 6/28/13 property sold, 9/13 I tell old landlord I will not pay him to contact new owner so I can pay her. 1/9/14 sheriff serves writ, we never received any papers prior to this yet they said we were never home, were both on disability always home, never got any papers in mail, everyone has access to our mailbox, and they say they taped to door but nothing ever was, 2/4/14 sheriffs show up with old landlord a guy claims to be owner but not new owner is female, and has not once come out to the property nor have we spoken to her on the phone. Told she don't speak English but born in USA graduated san jose state. Someone falsified documents and also there is a court date stamp on Nov 14, 2013 and on the following page is a signature with the date of nov 15, 2013

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