Residence Type: 
5-9 units
Landlord Type: 
Government Subsidized

I paid a $900 deposit on a one-bedroom $650 apartment that was infested with cockroaches when I moved in. Landlord promptly tried to blame me for the infestation and does not respond to certified letters asking for pest control. Neighbors refuse to let pest control serviceman in, and so landlords refuse to fine them or force them to let him in, so nobody even tries. I am currently living with fighting cockroaches constantly and nothing helps much because the neighbors share walls with me and they are infested. Also, when I sent a certified letter to them, the landlords retaliated by serving me with a 3 day eviction notice to pay the rent for when the place was in Housing Authority Inspection FAILURE, without warning me that I owed them money at all. Additionally, neighbors put old furniture out near the curb and I have sent photos of this to the landlords but the landlords do nothing to make the neighbors remove the blight. I have to stay here another 6 months because I have a co-signer on my lease who will get sued if I lose my lease, and I have a Housing Authority contract that I will lose. So I am just putting up with all the nuisance and blight and noise. Everyone here is made to be terrified of the landlords, as they are threatened if they complain, so no one complains and they just live with it all.

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