San Diego
Residence Type: 
2 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

On 08-01-08 I moved into a back house, of a two house remodel. I let the landlord know that I wanted to build a deck and do home improvements. She and her relative Alex did not have any issues that they told me about. When in the later months around October or November I mentioned I wanted to get a roommate nothing was indicated that it would be an issue. I let the landlord know. I was suppose to get a garage door opener and never received one. My truck would not easily fit in the garage so I put my desk and computer in the garage and just used it in the garage. I did not know that was wrong- or considered it as a living space. Upon move in the shower and kitchen were both needing to be replaced upon moving in. No heater was supplied or attached to the unit. I was told I was to pay for the kitchen that was to replace the broken and shambled kitchen. Upon asking for a detailed invoice they retracted me having to pay. As the cold months moved forward we asked for heaters to be installed. Instead they just supplied us (front and back house) electric heaters. Heaters were just installed in the units. I asked for compensation for the high electrical bills since it took almost 6 months for the heaters to be installed. There have numerous problems with the electrical and the shower floor caving in. Plus mildew in the bathroom wall. They said they would fix each issue. When it came to discuss the electrical I got an eviction notice days after. I let the landlord know sdge came in and said power is going to the breaker but the breaker to the house they can not do anything about and that is the landlord issue. In the eviction notice it stated that I had caused a fire hazard because of deck. I had a metal gazebo on the deck with Christmas lights that the eviction notice misclassified as a "wood structure" it states I am running electricity to the garage which is not true the garage has electricity. The extension cord from the laundry room goes to the christmas lights and that is the only electrical wire. The wires going into garage are for the internet and cable. There are other claims like un authorized tenant but when I asked the landlord or who I think is the acting landlord what papers would I need to have my roommate sign she responded to other aspects of the email asking for electrical bill details for compensation and did not address the question I had about what paperwork should my roommate fill out other than the rental agreement I asked about months prior. I believe this is an attempt to get out of the compensation for the electrical heaters high electrical costs and the shabby electrical and "ancient" breaker as mentioned by the report from the SDGE and inspector. I am not sure what my rights or recourse is.

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