Residence Type: 
10-19 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

we have had our companion animals for several years my passion is a maltipoo. my daughters companion is frankie, also her best friend, mgmt claims we never told them about our dogs. my pet deposit was waived upon move in due to passion being my companion. We got frankie for amanda. she was taking a year off of lithium and neurontin, and find alternative coping skills. In november when mgmt became aware of our disabilities stating we do not look disabled, and refused us a transfer to another property because we have 2 dogs asmall one and a huge white dog, they only allow pocket dogs. My neighbor had a dog, 2 other tenants had dogs. Then the harassment really began, we provided pics of them side by side, mgmt stated it was an old pic. we did a new one/ gave a letter to mgmt on 2/19 syating my daughters needs her frankie. That day our companion frankie somehow changed into a vicious pit bull who tried to attack a child animal control was called by mgt they came to my home and found no dangerous animal. Lab cocker mix I also got an e-mail that day from mgmt to remove the dangerous dog nobody is safe or we will get evicted, weekly visits from animal control they showed up everytime i would put him out for some sun on a chain in the yard. Then the complaints started about him pooping everywhere (false) then him running around the courtyard unleashed -all false when i sent an e-nail to animal control i told them i have a case filed with DFEH that we are being harrassed because we have companion animals and any more false allegation, continual vists I will file a complaint with DFEH and animal control the false allegations stopped. My family was so stressed over what has happened, i literally collapsed in november and had to be hospitalized for 4 days my daughter sunk into major depression, 3-day notices to get rid of them or move, they tried raining my rent $300 and they added $500 to my account for a deposit-i refused to pay it. I want to look for a place to move that will accept frankie and passion as part of our family, but nobody wants to rent to dog owners. Did i mention i got served an unlawful detainer yesterday,

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