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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I rented a house with a 1 year lease (beginning 6/2014 ending 6/2015. Later found out the house was in default & in foreclosure. Real estate agents kept coming by my house offering cash for keys (which turned out were bogus). Another real 2 estate agents with their client demanded to enter the home. I called the police thinking they would back me. Wrong - the police threatened to hand-cuff me & "find" something to charge me if I did not allow those people into my home. I showed the police my lease & explained that I demanded that those people respect my rights, remove themselves from the property, stop looking in my windows, and to communicate in writing & to request 24 hours in advance before entering my home. The police again stated too bad and allowed the people into my home. Fast forward a month the person that entered my home bought the property knowing I had a one year lease. The new landlord called the gas company, had service stopped, and had the gas meter removed. Not for non-payment but because the landlord wants us out. I have received letters demanding that I move out immediately, 3 day notice to quit, 30 day notice to vacate, another 3 day notice to pay or quit charging $1100 for Sept. rent (my lease is for $750 a month)& is making my life hell. What can I do to protect my tenant rights? I don't know where to start, please help me. I am totally lost.

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