Pleasant Hill
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

After my rental was in foreclosure for over 3 years, it sold at auction and i met the investors from hell.
Long story short, know your rights, document every single thing that happens, and you will most likely need a lawyer.
These guys hired an attorney, and filed eviction on me. In CoCo County, once eviction is filed, you must have a lawyer or youre toast.
Their lawyer was rude and threatening, told me he would have the sheriff remove me, yada yada. Theres a process, and the investors werent smart enough to follow it.
I got 3 months of free rent, no cash for keys, but most of all I completely enjoyed thwarting the greedy little investors. Their initial cheapness in no cash for keys stance kept them out of their house and cost them attorney fees...much more than I would have accepted for immediate move-out.
If you are in this situation, get a lawyer. Research here, and online. The law is on your side, but the courts are completely biased against you, if eviction is filed. Legal aide is not good enough. They are not up to date on tenant after foreclosure laws.
Most of all dont be bullied! And they WILL bully, lie and pressure you!

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