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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I am choosing to write about the diverse challenges that central valley residents tend to encounter. I have rented in California for over 25 years. In that time, I have always encountered a loss of security deposits for many reasons, most fabricated lies by the owner/landlord. I have tried to contest these thieves repeatedly with no success or laws to protect me. They steal the money, simply stated.
I have been fortunate to meet my needs to rent in upper scale locations, but I have had my share of discrimination as well. As a single mother, I found myself begging for a roof over my family’s heads.
Since my family didn't see the need to teach me economics regarding investing and owning my property, I became a permanent victim of settling for the rent prices in the area I chose to live in. I am disabled and have been blessed to live in very nice homes and locations. However, it was not always easy for me financially nor successfully to own pets. I have never enjoyed the feeling of security knowing I could alter my home to my taste and enjoyment.
My friends, however, weren't so blessed. I have seen them struggle so depressingly to find a home that would rent to them in decent condition. They either couldn't provide proof of income three times the amount of rent. Or the credit needed to get into a desirable location or esthetically pleasing rental. I have friends that are disabled and blessed just to have a roof over their head, even with children to provide for. I have friends that had to endure large rent increases due to a complex being sold and the owner being able to legally come in and raise the rent by as much as two hundred dollars a month, even though their income couldn't meet the increase. And at the cost of moving it became a lesser of two evils for them and their young children.
I just don't understand how the first cuts to a budget are the ones that bring so much hardship to the already struggling poor. Those programs seem to be seen as frivolous or wasteful to the politicians, who live in their big homes filled with beauty. Why do they never hit their tax benefits or bring hardship to their lifestyles? I remember how the first thought in congress was to hold off implementing the drug program for the Medicare citizens because hurricane Katrina had hit the USA so radically and caused a financial hardship to the government to meet the needs of so many displaced, mostly poor citizens hit hardest by hurricane Katrina! I, being a Medicare recipient, was angered and appalled that something many poor people needed so much was considered a frivolous need by our government, who themselves have so much more than I will ever have on disability! I just could not understand such an outrageous consideration of our government.
We need change in our housing conditions for the lower end of the economic sector. I leave with this thought, how could the very people who make these legislations for us all, live off the taxpayers in such stupendous luxuries with their housing choices, not consider making affordable housing conditions for the many average taxpayers just trying to provide for their families and manage so as to not become homeless?

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