Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

We have lived in the same rental home for the last 3 years. We have always paid our rent and to the best of out knowledge everything was fine, until there was a trustee sale notice put up on the outside of our house. I called the landlord and he assured me that he was trying to rewrite the loan on the home and he was only behind a couple of payments. This turned out to be untrue. He said he had spoken to a lawyer that was more then happy to take his money and then produce no results. He finally came clean and told me that the provisions of his loan stated that it was to be an owner occupied property and since he could not provide documentation that he was living here (which he had not been for 3 years) that he could not rewrite the loan. He advised me to stay in the home as long as possible. When the eviction paperwork was served we went to legal aide to ask for some guidance and they advised us not to add our names to the lawsuit because it would then show as an eviction on our credit reports. We took that advice and were soon contacted by a real estate agent that said he was a representative of Indymac bank and he was there to make an offer of and agreement to vacate. They made an offer of $2500 to vacate the property by the end of May. We agreed and singed all of the needed paperwork. When we received copies of the paperwork they had back dated the move out date to the 25th of May not the 31st as agreed and there was a notice served to us by the sheriff to vacate by May 19th. Giving us 5 days to vacate instead of 2 1/2 weeks. We took the signed agreement to the sheriffs office and were told that they take their orders from the lawyer handling the eviction. We tried to contact the lawyer and there office refused to speak to us. I faxed a copy of the agreement and the notice to vacate to the lawyers office listed on the court document and am now awaiting a reply. In the mean time we are scrambling to find a place to move into in a hurry since we now have 72 hours before the sheriff shows back up. This should never happen to people who pay their bills and go to work to earn an honest living.

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