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Single unit
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harassment everyday banging on the door he can let anyone in the property but not us he put chains on the gate that made so hard for us tenants to go through it and if you have groceries we need some help to pass it over the fence and since from the start he is harrassing every female visitor who came to visit us.....he place is not habitable ver since and we , the tenants are the one who made it possible to live here and still not have the door on the kitchen he took out so he can come in at night he even force us to give him our room key i lost my car my job my friends and my self steem now im suffering with depresion and anxiety i love my job as a carpenter , i love my boss my co workers and they are like my family and i cant believe until now and still wondring what made me give up on eveything, and i began to realize how i was before. ... ive been through alot in my life and nothing had ever stop me from getting up and be there for workaholic and its killing me to see my self here alone and unable to move on anymore....
my wife and kids left me but i still move on and was able to keep my job and progressively became more productive at work and made my employer to decide to keep me and even after we finished the project i was hand pick by the employer to work on the larger project that we have (folsom dam spill way at Folsom Dam)....i wreck my van and still manage to come to work by means of all my resources that im even willing to walk all the way to the jobsite without any problem ......and that was me and its been almost two months i stop going to work, what ever it is ,is what im always thinkin aboutday and night and never had figure out what made become weak and not fight for my life any more ....everyday i sit here in my room just watching the day and night passes by with nothing but my friends whom i can only talk to online i have one or two friend who never gave up on coming here to check up on me regardless of what they ve been through with my land lord ...disrespect and degrade them calling us names telling everyone about me being late on my rent ...telling everybody that they are prostitute and came here to have sex....why he is doing this to me? my friends have families too..they are family oriented person and trying to look out for me because of what ive been through that made me become living alone and the american dream way of life is gone and it almost really felt like it was taken away from me ive been friend told me that it is my fault that my laandlord see all the oppurtunity to do everything he wants to do knowing that im not gonna be able to understand it or do something about it and i ask my friend how is it my fault...and they said im so honest and not even thnk of what other people might have in mind and i never knew that before ....and im not gonna change coz i know for me there is nothing wrong with me being honest about everything....if my honesty became the reason of all this ..God knows its not me sure its because theres something wrong about other peoples intenttions and motives but not me.................manolito alcantara 38 years old from Philppines

if i can only turn my life around ...i will ...but i think im going to need some help. only time can tell.

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