Union City
Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I am disabled .I renting  a  room in the rooming house  .it's a  Living room converted into the bedroom  and living with   landlord and  many other tendency since May , 2009   the landlord was building extra rooms in her garage, & and kitchen,plus splits up the master bedroom into two  intended for many people to rent..without permits and breaking numerous city codes. we were have 10 people only  one bathroom to take shower . the house don't have  Air conditioner and heater  she even not allowed us  to use .I bought small portable heater. She forced me to return .the landlord only renting to Chinese who don't speak English .2 months ago there was  building department  Inspection   issue a notice to the house  violation, requiring legalization or demolition of these units .  These rooms  cannot legally be rented since they have no permit of occupancy.  landlord  knowingly rents an illegal unit without disclosing it to the tenant is guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation. She even not say sorry to us and just evicting us . She changed my room lock .locked me out. Stopping me  wash clothes use washing machine . But let other tenancy use washing machine . Harassment  every days .told me don't work use too much utility. if I want stay the rent must  increase .she made feel live in the hell . so stress .very very sad 

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