Residence Type: 
Single unit
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I lived with my 13 & 14 year old children, and due to recent budget cuts to HUD I was forced to down-size from a 3 bdrm to a 2 bdrm, unless I could pay the rent increase which was to go from $144. to $741. per month. Being on a fixed monthly income of 1000., I knew I would not be able to pay the rent, so I was given a 30 day notice to terminate my tenancy. During my move, I informed the landlord that I had no more room in my 20x20 storage space for my property, but that I would return for the remainder of my things. The following day, when I returned to retrieve my car, he already had someone throwing my things into the yard and even had a truck backed up in the driveway for a 'trash' hauling business. Only recently did I find out that by law he was supposed to give me a 90 day notice due to the fact that he collected the majority of the rent from a federally assisted program. In addition, he has sent me a four page letter demanding in excess of $4,000. for trumped-up back rent charges, garbage bills, and the hauling of my 'trash'. My so-called 'trash' has a combined total value of over $5,000. I have tried exhaustedly to get my housing 'worker' by phone, but she is a joke. I just sent a certified letter detailing (and requesting) my property. I cannot receive a transfer voucher until I owe the landlord $0 so right now I am homeless while my two children stay here in Gilroy with their father. I have not been able to get a human on the phone at Legal Aid Society, and I am ready to scream! Help.....

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