Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Government Subsidized

I am having some serious difficulties here in Sacramento California.

The level of incompetence andapathy in the management office is incredible. I have some serious health issues, my heart, two blood clots in my right lung, I have central sleep apnea which means that my brain doesn't send a signal for me to breathe. So I must use the aid machines keep me alive and sometimes even with that I stop breathing for long periods of time. I am also anemic which really.complicates the situation. I have deterioration of the left hip socket,.and the left shoulder socket.
Basically I live a tortured life andget about one and a half hours sleep everyday.

Now to top it all off of on April 30th 2014 I was evicted I was evicted from home. There was no proof of wrong doing no evidence whatsoever. Management accused me of assaulting someone and just on their word with no proof I was evicted. The reality is that I've beenthe victim of assault. I am on SSDI and have nowhere to go this is equivalent to a death sentence.
What is happening to me is unacceptable.

If all a landlord has to do to stop a resident from organizing and exercising their rights is serve them with an unlawful detainer, go to court and make baseless accusations with no proof whatsoever and have the Magistrate the side in their favor, then what's the point? Why does any advocacy group or government agency exist?
We the homeless economically challenge, disabled United States citizens of America, would be better served if you all closed your doors at least this there would not be the false sense of security that is not based on reality.
Action needs to be taken immediately and stop this farse from going any further

On the day I move in, I was brought in from mercy emergency hospital in woodland. I actually spent two days there because of my heart.
Through Gods undeserved kindnes,The hospital paid for.a taxi from Woodland to here in Sacramento. I was at deaths door. Like I said it's been a tough life.

Management office thinks that
there role here is to govern and
rule over the residents, and that
whatever policy they think of and
put on paper without observing
any federal guidelines or tenant
participation is lawful. I cannot
overly express how erroneous this
is and the enormous level of
liability that they are exposing.

GOD Please help

Help build power for renters' rights: