Residence Type: 
Mobile home
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control
Senior Human Race

I have been fighting for habitability for 8 years. Now, the ceiling is collapsing and park management is still looking for a cheap way out of replacement.
In a single wide, lob mobile home, I am forced to live with the ceiling braced up, the cabinets are coming off the walls due to the years of leaking roof and subsequent damage, I have no heat, probably no insulation/ due to the age. I have filed a complaint with HCD, but so far all that has been done is a new roof. The interior condition of my rental home is a hazard to my safety and welfare, since I have very poor mobility and fall often.
The braces are another trip and fall hazard for me.
I am 72 years old, and pay my rent early.
These slumlords are committing crimes for money.
My landlord rented me this home as a :single wide, one bed, one bath, with heat and air.
The wall heater worked for 4days, the roof was leaking for many years/ stains were painted over, the kitchen drain pipes were propped up on wooden blocks/not connected, the bedroom was
Unuseable due to mold, no grab rails in shower, rotted window sills from water, wood around window air unit was not weather treated, ceiling was sagging, kitchen wall was open to beams-due to dry rot(they hid it with tiles on counter), etc,
Each time I ask for repairs I got a band aid not a fix.
It took 7.5 years to get the pipes connected.
In June I filed a complaint with HCD and since have a new roof, but then the ceiling collapsed in living area and kitchen. The manager is looking for a cheap contractor, while my safety is endangered by these braces in a very narrow walk way in my living room.
Please help, tell the media about these slumlords , who have no respect for tenants. All they want is the money.
Thank you,
Cross your fingers I don't trip over these braces
And break a hip or something.
This is surely illegal, isn't it?

Forgotten senior tenant looking for justice.

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