Thousand Oaks

I am being retaliatiated against, extortion, grievance hearings cancelled, private property searched during inspections, charging tenants for wear and tear, not giving  disabled with ssa bebeno  due process, constructive eviction for tenant organizing and speaking up when PHA breaks its own rules..too abundant to list.
Its been going on for 2 years.  Tenants are so intimidated they will not step forward to lodge complaints about mismanagement.  There is no tenant counsel, or RAB.  PHA does not allow us to have a printed copy of ACOP unless we spend $100...25 cents a even know the rules.  They do not send us changes in rules or policies, we have never been given right to comment.
AREA HOUSING OF VENTURA COUNTY does what they want and evicts who they want.  There are very few legal resources for low income residents so they get away with it.  Im at the end of my rope.  I am disabled and this pha is dirty, and will eliminate me and anyone who tries to speak up for rights. 
I began going to board meetings to speak about retaliation and lack of RAB...they have building a case of lies to evict me.

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