North Hollywood
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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I moved in with a guy in the police academy. A week later his mom comes over and says oh you have to leave we rented room out to someone else AFTER I already moved in. They refused my money and I wasn't able to just leave after just moving in. She did not live there. So they started to harass me. Went through my room, private stuff and locking me out of house. They went and tried to force me to sign bogus documents and tried to file a frivolous lawsuit. I had every legal right to be there but because it was so bad I had to flee as soon as possible. Had to call cops twice and they didn't do anything to stop it. Just to unlock the door.

So I found some kids on craigslist who needed someone to rent a back house on a property they wanted. My property cost the most by myself and we all signed a year lease together. Mine was specifically for back house. The other 3 rented the front 3 bedroom house.

Upon moving in I find out there was no heater. There was a wall unit for ac which I thought it had both it did not. It was winter time. The electrical kept blowing out. I could only take 5 min hot showers because it was a mini water heater. I go to get my phone and internet and they tell me how strange this is not an address. It was freezing cold inside this house and I got a mini heater which that kept blowing out electricity many more times. I went outside one night I look up and I could see the inside of my place through the ceiling cracks. So the roof to the walls were not sealed. They had wood pieces covering it. So basically it was letting everything from outside come in. The city came by and was thankful for letting me let them in to take pictures because apparently these owners knew the property was illegal. I gave these people #2000 to move in and I said I couldn't pay. The city ordered a tear down so I was to leave anyways. I wanted my money back moving cost. When I went to work they were all going inside my property. So I had to change the locks. My dog got ill mysteriously and I had to take her to vet. They didn't know why. We get to court and the 3 front tenants after harassing me band together with owners and made up a story that I busted into the game room. It was not a game room. On papers given it state guesthouse. I was paying a $1000 myself. So obviously not renting a room in the front house with 3 others. They started making stories up about my job and said that I broke into this game room and barricaded myself in it and wouldn't leave. So judge ruled in their favor and city couldn't help me get my money back because of the judge. The judge refused to look at my papers I brought in nor the guesthouse paper which was clearly written on top. Including unlivable conditions of the illegal conversion. The reason why the kids did that was because they wanted to stay and get the judge to rip me off the lease with them. Judge was an idiot. Since we were on it together everyone was liable. However, I had to leave anyways so that was unnecessary bs by the 3 kids. That was done maliciously and I will never do a lease with others again. Nor go to that court house unless I'm forced.

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