San Francisco
Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

I live in one of the towers at Parkmerced and have Never been treated so horribly and unfairly. After unsuccessfully being contacted after a rent check bounced, we were served a 3 day notice dated on March 10th,at least 5 days Before we even received it. We left the apartment on March 15th and had yet to receive any notices. Upon returning home from my wedding on the 19th we find the notice and immediately submit our check to the Parkmerced accounting team. Two weeks go by and the check is not cashed. My husband and I go in to give our 30 day notice and only after asking did we find out they had sent our file to an attorney and we had to contact him. The attorney said he was holding our check and it was his job to collect the back rent plus $1900 in legal fees to also be paid to Parkmerced. We tried to explain that Parkmerced was at fault for this mix up but were met by the lawyer essentially saying there's nothing we can do but pay the money. Parkmerced is a company that does everything it can to con their tenants out of money, acting like nothing we say or do can reverse the charges. We are fighting them and would appreciate any help from people out there who have been in similar situations with Parkmerced. Thank you.

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