Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

The actual owner of the property we stay at has recently suffered his third stroke. His "family", the individuals now claiming to care about his health and wellness effectively showed up to the property in Columbia, California FROM OREGON claiming to be the current "owners". The actual owner's son (one who has made very poor choices concerning his father and has had NO contact with him in over 6 years) called the local sherriff demanding that the three tenants currently residing at the home must go. His claim is owner occupation. THE PROBLEM: According to the County Recorder's Office and Tax Assessor, his FATHER STILL is the only deeded owner. The son never paid the property taxes- his claim to why he now owns the home- they are almost $5000 in the rears. FURTHER, just prior to coming to Columbia, the son moved his father(true owner) to a facility somewhere in the Central Valley; the previous hospital can not give forwarding information. And finally, the son actually presented to Law Enforcement FRAUDULENT documents making claim that he is the owner. The Officer did not call the county to actually verify the legitimacy..... Instead, the officer believed the eggregious lies of the son (who simply wants to leave his father in a facility somewhere, and sell his home)- and told each of us we have to leave IMMEDIATELY. Some of us have been here more than 5 years. NO 30-day notice of any kind was given, let alone from the rightful owner. THERE WAS NO EVICTION HEARING to contest the "eviction".


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