San Francisco
Residence Type: 
2 units
Landlord Type: 
Government/Public Housing

Currently I am in a position to where I don't know which way to turn.My life has not been the same.I have been fighting a case that never existed,2011 November around the 27th I recieved a summons from a guy.I never understood it because my rent was paid and what they were saying wasn't true. So I ended up going to see the manager bout the issue and I had the proof of the money orders but to nip it in the bud I tracked them down also. So I was still forced to go to court and go thru this stressful mess and not only I didn't get it, but the people that helped me didn't understand it his didn't make sense. I had the proof and also housing did due to me getting a lettering the mail saying they recieved it.So I go through the long court process and the outcome was for me to sign a stip plan to pay back the money orders that was stolen from me. I started paying the stipulation. every month but at the the housing was adjusting my month rent so I didn't know what my monthly rent was,so I just paid stipulation plan every month. That lead to them taking me back to court and just because I took my baby to bathroom all of a sudden my name was called and I wasn't there so I'm evicted. The sherriffs came put me and my kids out and as soon as they did I went to office and talked to manager and he called housing lawyer and it was @DEFAULT. SO I was able to keep my unit.I was discriminated againt,talked to real bad by housing staff,I was harrased by staff and talked down to,I was even told I was going to get the police called on me for calling trying to get help..And come to find out they owed me 1700$ and til this day my file still not correct I was taken back to a meeting @1815 egbert in Sept 2014 .Not only that me and my kids aren't living in a clean and safe environment, we get bit by spiders and have to always go get antibiotics we get fevers from them, we have bad roaches and I'm a clean person, my cabinets are dry rotten and moist it has no attachment to sink,moled, my kids room caught on fire from a old socket out of know where,currently I have no stove it's been disconnected by sfpd due to gas smell and that was in November 2014. General hospital ended up giving me a bayare legal aid attorney due to me and my kids having a record for these bites,she and the hospital wrote letters to them about the environment I'm living in and how it's not safe those letters never left the management office to the main building elgibility dept because I wanted a transfer.So what happened was my bayarea legal aid sent it to the main building and still to this day after dealing with the health department, bayarea legal aid, the examiner newspaper,we still in the Same conditions.Lately I been spending time looking for legal help with a civil suit because I'm over due.

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