Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

I was transferred for a job to the South Bay. I found an apartment in a triplex and the landlord & I came to an agreement, and I paid him a deposit of $2300 the next day. I signed a 2 year lease soon after. The move-in date was 3/1/2015. I have been traveling back & forth from state to state to wrap up my old house, pack, etc. I moved a few things into the new apt. A futon, a few clothes, nothing more. I stayed 1 night on 3/4/15. At that time I noticed the water was running yellow from the kitchen sink. The landlord called the week of 3/2 and said he was having a plumber do some work and was going to leave my door unlocked for him. I told him that was not acceptable and that he can't leave my door unlocked all day. I was only staying the night, and assumed the landlord had a plumber there to work on things. When I got into town this week on 3/10 - I went to my apt and the door was unlocked, and there was no hot water in the bathroom sink and the water was still running yellow in the kitchen. The next day the landlord said the plumber needed to get back in. I said I would be home at 1:00 and I was. I let the plumber in & they shut off my water at 1:00pm to work on the pipe issue. I contacted my landlord at 5pm and asked when my water would be on. He said soon. 8pm - still no water - 10pm - plumber comes to my door and says the water would not be on that night. There was no mention of not having running water AT ANY TIME by the landlord. The plumber said he would be back today 3/12 at 6am and I would have water by 7am - he did not show. The landlord did not call or text indicating when the water would be on, or even what other alternatives I might have. I texted him today at 1:30 and asked if the water would be on because if not I would have to get a hotel. He said he would contact the plumber and let me know. That was 2 hours ago and I have heard nothing. I haven't moved my stuff in and was planning on doing so this weekend. Do I have any recourse? Am I bound to a lease agreement considering the place is not habitable?

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