Los Angeles
Residence Type: 
2 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- Rent Control

To all those facing eviction, please be aware: the lawyers and courts can hurt you worse than your landlord. It happened to me…….


My landlord sold her duplex and needed me out of my rent controlled unit of 10 years in order for her sale to close escrow. She claimed my rent was more than I actually paid and posted 3 day pay or quit and subsequent court action. 


I thought no problem; I had tons of proof of rent payments made to prove her wrong, in addition to several other RSO violations being committed. I complained to the RSO, they basically said let the court decide. I followed the advice I received from all and managed to gather enough money to hire an attorney. I researched this attorney across the board, all good, and felt completely confident in his ability to defend this fraudulent eviction. He filed my answer on time and we went to court for trial. 


Just before it was to begin, landlord attorney made a motion, my attorney blabbed out some legal stuff, the judge looked at me and said due to my improper answer to the complaint, I was not allowed a defense and ruled in favor of my landlord as an uncontested/default. My attorney shrugged “O Well” and it was over; I was homeless. 


I won’t subject you all to the ongoing of injustice I received in my attempt to correct what had happened, but as crazy as it sounds, I KNOW, long story short, my landlord bought this verdict.* The legal system is not what we learned in school, it is more so than not…… CORRUPT. Should you be in my position, if possible, try to defend yourself in court. If you hire an attorney check EVERYTHING he does or is planning to do, remember he works for the court first and then maybe you. Be proactive, protect yourself. If I arm one person with at least awareness, tenant’s may still have a chance, my heart is with you all.


*FYI- A legal malpractice attorney will only represent a claim that has value into the thousands of dollars, eviction defenses do not qualify, fraud or not. 

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