San Francisco
Residence Type: 
3 or 4 units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

Currently I am filing an Appeal Brief in the SF Appellate Division re: 37.9(b) owner occupied section of the Ord. I was evicted in June 2009 by a 30 Day "no cause" eviction notice. I challenged it cross MSJ were filed -- because I am told I am a just cause tenant 37.9(a) but Court ruled contrary to the Ord and state law. The property is house with three rooms, owner rents out each at different rent rates-- I was in occupancy more than 32 days rent rate $500 per month --she has no certificate of occupancy, no business license, no exemption with SF Rent Board -- rental business operations violate zoning ordinance.. there were heating issues, invasion of privacy.. etc.. and finally there is no case law on 37.9(b) no cause eviction as it applies to owner occupied rental property renting to several tenants-- (rooming boarding house just a "fact sheet") and she has paid no fees with the SF RENT Board Richard Beckman is her attorney -- I was locked out from getting my personal property out as well.. I filed an Extention of Time to File My Opening Brief and filed a Motion To Augment which SF court has not ruled on and brief is due tomorrow... so I am on a mission -- If a lawyer wants to call me or email me that is fine. But the pattern of owner occupied houses or properties and circumventing the Ord is rising creating unfair competition and illegal evictions. The property address is 1222 Naples Street --
Thanks for your attention or interest.
Karen M. Fletcher, J.D.
P.S. I have no optimism that upper courts will honor the ordinance either I am acting In Pro Per--

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