Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Private Landlord -- No Rent Control

My bf and I live in a large complex. There is a Sac Co. Housing Ord., that requires owners to register, take inspection course before marketing the unit; and unit was eventually cited for no heat, no cold water, inoperative lighting, electricity, roaches, mold, water intrusion in bath... the county housing authority just cited the owner and did nothing more.. we complained right when we moved in, after prepaying two months rent and deposit; LL would not refund, would not credit acct., did not offer another unit... was sued for ud and fighting abuse by attorney and judges... carol miller justice center, UD unit of Sac does the UD cases, 90% are undisputed... low income renters.. we are first to file motions... there is no equity in this court... run.. do not bother. I have a JD and have disqualified the bias judges... we are fighting for habitable housing mandated by State and County Ordinance; filing against Sac Co., and LL as real party... how many people know how to do this kind of writing? None... it has been such a fight... OMG... can't harness class movement for tenants.. Sac has no tenant rights attorneys only mediation which is coercive .. don't rent at Village At Carmichael Apartments.. google reviews always before renting.. That is all..

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