San Jose
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Single unit
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My husband and I moved into our house with our sons back in 2011. At the time of the walk through I had asked when the house would be cleaned as layers of dust covered the inside there was an obvious issue with mold in the master bath the and all the rooms with linoleum flooring had some kind of issue as the linoleum was not sealed at doors and so forth. They said it had been cleaned and no one was coming to clean again. Because of our previous rental being for closed upon this was our only optioned so I reluctantly signed the lease and but did take pictures and kept documentation of the issues. After residing here for 2 years and doing fee repairs they raised our rent so I began to put my foot down and having the house repaired. They did a walk through had a flooring company give an estimate and multiple handymen give estimates. I was told it was too expensive to replace the floors and the mold issue they sent a handyman to cock over the mold and he didn't even use a sealant so their quick fix wasn't any kind of fix at all. Since we have lived here everyone's health has slowly declined. The mold is coming through the walls there is moisture coming through adjoining bedroom walls something is dripping from our ceilings and there are things living in our floors which have attacked our refrigerator and moved to our carpets. Today I was told I needed to have someone test our ceiling for asbestos and termites because the what was dripping more likely has it and hurting us. What can I do to make them fix the issue? Because they refused to fix it in the past what are my rights legally as to hold them responsible to pay for all medical and displacement for my family?

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