Residence Type: 
20 or more units
Landlord Type: 
Government Subsidized

I moved into the complex four years ago, after receiving a Housing Choice Voucher. The apartment was not painted nor was the carpet cleaned. However, the complex was friendly. Last year, the on-site manager, who had managed the complex for 15 years, was suddenly replaced by a property management company. We immediately began getting notices on our doors warning us of fines for littering, loitering and other rule infractions. I also received a notice saying I owed $15 for rent. I asked for and received a print out of the ledger and racked my brain trying to figure out how I owed $15. Finally I realized that I had been overpaying my rent for an entire year. Instead of me owing $15, the landlord owed me. When I asked the new managers for confirmation, they never called back. Meanwhile, I have received a Notice of Intent to Not Renew a Fixed Term Lease. I have 90 days to vacate with no explanation, no explanation was given to Housing Authority either. I read that this notice gives them the right to throw me and my kids out without a valid reason. Nice loophole in the policy for greedy, bullying property managers. I am finding it impossible to find affordable housing in Visalia. Hardly anyone takes section 8 and those that do expect me to move my family into filth and destruction. I feel violated and invisible. I fear I will not be able to find a home and my family will be homeless. The fact that I've worked the same job for 17 years to support my family earns no respect from property managers. My credit is not perfect due to a divorce, but no one will listen, they just look at me like I am lying. I am going to be homeless in Visalia.

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