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Single unit
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I am a senior and on limited income. Fannie Mae aquired the property from its previous owner last year. I signed a lease with them for 1 year which next month on the 30th. They just sent me a 60 day notice to move. I have been living in this property for 4 years now.

I have been trying to talk to them and the property manager for a few months now to get info on whether or not I will have to move at the end of the lease. I have not received any responses to my emails, calls, snail mail letters. Now I get this notice to move and it is not enough time. The rents have gone up tremendously.

Since then I have made at least 60/70+ calls to look for apartmentments that are affordable in the area and to sevral agencies for help with no results. All affordable units seem to have wait lists that are closed.

I am concerned about what will happen when the time comes and I still have not found a place. What are my renter's rights? Can someone help negotiate with Fannie Mae on my behalf?


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