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J. Bradley & Associates

For the past six yers, the undersigned,
a mature, visually, mobility, and hearing impaired Renter in our 489-unit, 1000-resident Condominium Homeowners Association, in Albany, CA. I am facing ejection, blacklisting, and retaliatory, and wrongful eviction, purportedly for non-payment of rent and for purportedly failing to reimburse my landlords more than $3,000.00 in my unpaid, alleged unsubstantiated fines, imposed upon us in an effort to abolish this and other subsidized-housing tenants from residing on the HOA property. The true reasons for our ouster as the undersigned believs, is due to the HOA's refusal to grant Reasonable Accommodations to this and other visually, mobility, and hearing-impaired subsidized Renters, and to the udersigned in the particular. As indicated, I reveived a 13-week-old puppy two years ago,to train with me after the death of my 12-year old Service Dog. The HOA refuses to, and claims exemption from, government regulations, from allowing Reasonable Accommodations, and in granting
my puppy enough time and patience for her to grow and mature into the capable Service Dog she will become at the end of our training--which is estimated to take up to six more months. lastly, the HOA has filed slanderous, false, misleading Police Reports on my puppy and me; it has conconcted slanderous allegations and slanderous comments have been circulated,posted, and it has published hatred messages throughout our 1,000+ residential complex, since my new puppy came to train with me two years ago. And for the past year, we have been the subject of ridicule, mockery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, threats of hate violence, retaliation, and hatred, over all of the more-than-one thousand residents in residency here,who also have dogs. Most recently the Judge called me two days ago, stating that if I do not file a Reply to my landlord's Complaint for forfeiture of my unit by July 22, 2009, my landlord will receive a Default against me; My puppy has received no citations for cause of any injury or damage to another; we are facing ouster due to the HOA's superiority over the Renters of our facility, who the HOA claims have no rights against the HOA--which purportedly was built before the state and federal Fair Housing and ADA Regulations were written. My landlords have hired a law firm to represent them; I have no counsel and am not competent to represent myself against my landlord's attorney's law firm. I am seeking counsel and representation most urgently. Thank you.

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