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Private Landlord -- No Rent Control
The Gateview

I am a disabled resident and a senior citizen in residency at the Gateview HOA since 2004; the HOA through its several Managers and via certain of our Security, including the Albany Police; have taken me through wrongful/retaliatory evictions five times under color of law WITHOUT CAUSE; during my residency I have been the victim of hate violence; assault; threats; harassment and retaliation for my status as a protected individual under the ADA; the Disabled Person; The Rehabilitation and the Unruh Civil Rights Acts; there are many barriers prohibiting disabled seniors and disabled persons; imposing unseasonable fines; and prevention from enjoying the property equally with the general population; each request for a Reasonable Accommodation leads to an eviction notice and to being blacklisted because of disability and participation in the Section 8 Rent subsidy program; my current landlord wants me out by 7/2/2015; by 8/2/2015, which they claim is enough time for me to find a place; it is not; the facility has open house nearly every weekend; yet none of my inquires for a housing transfer have been honored, and the facility claims it no longer accepts Section 8; also, during my 11-year tenancy here, I have always paid rent on time and obeyed the rules; the HOA wants me out nonetheless, rather than Accommodate me as a visually; mobility, and hearing-impaired disabled tenant; my current landlord who tried to evict me twice, claims they want me out to renovate and sell their unit; without allowing me, as a long-term tenant in good standing, to become a first-time section 8 home buyer under HUD and Secton 8. The realtor and senior citizen director sent me to Gateview to complete my Graduate Degree; school starts 8/30/2015.

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